Parking Vantaggio

Parking Vantaggio

The Vantaggio car park, which is guarded and covered, is located between the banks of the Tiber and the Villa Borghese gardens in the Campo Marzio area, one of the 22 districts of Rome, which takes its name from the Campus Martius of ancient Rome (the vast flat area north of the Capitol between the course of the Tiber in the west and the Pincio and Quirinal hills in the east).

From the car park you can reach Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna and Ara Pacis in a few minutes, as well as the Villa Borghese gardens, via del Corso or via Ripetta, among other points of interest. The Flaminio underground station is very close to the car park and connects it to any point in the city.

The Vantaggio car park for cars and vans also has spaces suitable for users with reduced mobility and recharging points for electric vehicles.

Book your parking space at Vantaggio and enjoy Rome at your own pace!

This parking is inside the limited traffic zone ZTL Roma Tridente.

Rome has environmental restrictions on vehicle traffic (ZTL). We advise you to check your vehicle's sticker and make sure that you are allowed to drive there. Please note that a booking is not an authorization.

For more information (updated and detailed), please check out this link from the Municipality of Rome: Anchor text

Reminder: In Rome, car parks are NOT allowed to authorize access to the ZTL.


Parking location in the map

Parking Vantaggio

Via del Vantaggio, 44
00186, Roma

Places of interest

  • Villa Borghese
  • Prati
  • Sant'Angelo's castle
  • Piazza di Spagna
  • Campo Marzio
  • Piazza del Popolo

Car park services

Height: 2.40m.
Guarded parking
Guarded parking
Handicap access
Handicap access
Electric Charger
Electric Charger
Attendant keeps the key
Attendant keeps the key

Opening hours

This car park is always open (24/7).



Multipass (You can get in and out during your stay.) No restrictions.
  1. One hour|24 hours: €50.00
  2. One day|2 days: €100.00
  3. One day|3 days: €150.00
  4. One day|4 days: €200.00
  5. One day|5 days: €250.00
  6. One day|6 days: €300.00
  7. One day|7 days: €350.00
  8. One day|8 days: €400.00
  9. One day|9 days: €450.00
  10. One day|10 days: €500.00
  11. One day|11 days: €550.00
  12. One day|12 days: €600.00
  13. One day|13 days: €650.00
  14. One day|14 days: €700.00
  15. One day|15 days: €750.00
  16. One day|16 days: €800.00
  17. One day|17 days: €850.00
  18. One day|18 days: €900.00
  19. One day|19 days: €950.00
  20. One day|20 days: €1,000.00
  21. One day|21 days: €1,050.00
  22. One day|22 days: €1,100.00
  23. One day|23 days: €1,150.00
  24. One day|24 days: €1,200.00
  25. One day|25 days: €1,250.00
  26. One day|26 days: €1,300.00
  27. One day|27 days: €1,350.00
  28. One day|28 days: €1,400.00
  29. One day|29 days: €1,450.00
  30. One day|30 days: €1,500.00
  31. One day|31 days: €1,550.00

Contact us

Via del Vantaggio, 44
00186, Roma

Parking location in the map
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